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I am a techno-optimist in my late twenties currently residing in Malmö, Sweden. I try to be a radical and I am passionate about Data, Privacy, Artificial Intelligence, Mathematical Statistics, and Data Journalism. I currently work as a Data Scientist at a small healthtech startup, and look forward to working towards a technological future that supports empathy, equality, democracy, and innovation.

However, I realize that my optimistic vision of the future can seem naive given the surveillance capitalistic reality of modern day Silicon valley.

Now, having spent many hours discussing these facts and educating myself about our unequal world, I also believe that technology and data can and will play an integral in righting these generations of wrongs. I see our generation’s struggle as a existential struggle, working to undo complex systems of power which dominate nearly every aspect of our lives.

My optimistic vision will not be realized without conscious work and reflection by people inside and outside the tech industry. This blog is a collection of my thoughts and self-education research on these topics, both for myself and anyone who wants to participate and learn.

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