My Transition From Academia to a Startup | Nathaniel Joselson

My Transition From Academia to a Startup


Starting with my academic career and now at my work in a Health-tech startup I have many questions, doubts and discomfort about the satus quo. This blog is a collection of my thoughts and self-education research spanning a range of topics and over several years. When I started I was grappling

Over the past years studying Statistics, I have noticed that the discipline seems to think itself immune from engaging on these types inclusivity issues because as a science it is “objective.” In fact, the history of Statistics is far from ethically neutral. Similarly, Statistical techniques and algorithms are currently being used in equally dubious ways, perhaps because users are not taught to think critically about their position in the world, or the history of the problems they are trying to solve. .

Now, having studied my Master’s degree in Mathematical Statistics, and started working in the data science space, I see more then ever the need for critical, inclusive conversations.

Written on November 18, 2019